Upcoming Privacy law changes

“The biggest change in privacy laws in 25 years!”    Australian Information Commissioner, Professor John McMillan

The 13 Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) replace the previous National Privacy Principles (NPPs) for organisations from
12 March 2014.

As part of keeping abreast with legislation which can impact upon all organisations, irrespective of the industry, the introduction of the APPs will have a wide range of impacts and requirements.

For RTOs in particular, the large amount of personal information collected, used and reported on individuals will mean that there will be a need to review and update internal policies and procedures and to advise staff as to how to implement them .

Some of the key changes…

– An APP Privacy Policy must be in place.

– Options for pseudonyms must be provided where possible.

– APP notifications are required for all data collection.

– New requirements for direct marketing activities.

– Specific requirements in relation to government related identifiers.

– Specific ‘cross-border’ disclosures now mandated.

– Quality of data management now required for ongoing use of records.

– Updated expectations for data security measures.

– New requirements for records access and correction.

For more information please refer to the Officer of the Australian Information Commissioner at